Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dos Hogares capitulo 4

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The forum Televisa San Ángel 10, dressed in gala to officially present to the media Dos hogares, the new project of producer Emilio Larrosa.

Dos hogares is an original story by Emilio Larrosa, which features a cast of great renown as Laura León, Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, Michael Palmer, Joanna Benedek, Alfredo Adame, Victor Noriega and Olivia Collins, to name a few.

The youth will be responsible for part of new talent like Gaby Carrillo, Jose Carlos Femat, Pablo Magallanes and Erika Garcia, among others. While Anahí, Carlos Ponce and Sergio Goyri give life to the love triangle starring a woman who will be divided into two homes by whims of fate.

With this project, Carlos Ponce returned to Mexico after ten years of not stepping on the forums Televisa: "Very proud to be part of this production, many thanks to Mr. Emilio Larrosa for considering some of the cast, which to me is a great honor to share with a group of actors that I have always loved and admired, thanks to Mexico for this beautiful reception I got after a short absence, and I promise we will not disappoint, "said Puerto Rican actor.

Dos hogares is a soap opera that will seek to present a positive message to the public: "He has interesting ideas, is a green soap is a soap opera on behalf of animals is a soap opera that will not have violence in terms of deaths, we are sick of all that, I think what people need is to have fun, spend some time with a proposal like Emilio, "said Sergio Goyri. With a white dress, Anahí brightened the night playing "Two households," the main theme of the soap opera stars, so that after production cast and enjoy the first chapter of melodrama.


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