Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rafaela Capitulo 68

This time I will a review Rafaela capitulo 68, certainly the fans of this telenovela is waiting - what happens next is more interesting for us to watch.You can enjoy all this chapter spectacular soap opera that is transmitted by the Televisa channel.

Synopsis Rafaela Capitulo 68-Lupita (Geraldine Galván) expect when your child is born, her grandfather wants to admit. Mireya tells Ileana (Arleth Terán) who was pleased that it was not for Jose Maria Rafaela. Ileana replied that anyway Rafaela came out ahead, because she married a good man and left without a husband Mireya.

Rosalba (Tiare Scanda) Rafaela asks how his wedding night with Angel (Ruben Zamora), she replied that nothing happened, it could not, but he understood. Charity (Patricia Reyes Spindola) tells her the good news is that it was Jose Maria, because he eats with his eyes.Jose Maria hears everything and is thoughtful. Morelia replied that they have to pay the bank loan, if not go bankrupt.

Are you curious about the next story then you should watch this movie because in this episode there will be many exciting things. "Mireya discover Morelia cheated on? Jose Maria "will realize who is Rafaela? Find out this afternoon in Rafaela, 16:00 hours in the Canal de las Estrellas.