Monday, April 18, 2011

Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 126

Triunfo del Amor Capitulo 126: The way to stop telenovela Triunfo del Amor tale? ... Is there a romance of Maria and also Maximilliano can make it to the altar of marriage? ... Triunfo del Amor live leaves some more periods, if it is not change schedule Triunfo del Amor can finish at episodes 131. And today El Triunfo del Amor Capitulo 126 will show up on the El Canal de las Estrellas on the clock as regular. The storyline of what goes on in Triunfo del Amor Capitulo 126? Synopsis Triunfo del Amor Capitulo 126 - Maximiliano (William Levy) and Mary Desamparada (Maite Perroni) sadly discover that their child is not in the hospital. Jerome (Gustavo Rojo) is very serious to Padre Juan Pablo (Diego Olivera). Mary Desamparada mourning the absence of his young son, meanwhile Victoria (Victoria Ruffo) mourns the loss of his daughter Mary. Bernarda (Daniela Romo) desperate cries to be told what happened to Father John Paul. The scorpion confesses his crime to Padilla. Jerome thinks that Bernard was the person who ordered the killing of Father John Paul, Bernard replied that it would not be able A couple of kids take Alonso (Mark Tacher) to the house of the woman who has hidden the son of Mary Desamparada. What else will happen? Do you think that Alonso managed to recover the son of Mary Desamparada? Find out in, 21:15 hours in the Canal de las Estrellas. Happy Watching


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