Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ver La Pola Capítulo 117 Telenovela

Ver La Pola Capítulo 117 Telenovela - Ver La telenovela on Pattern Capítulo 117 has now entered into the episode 117. This episode aired on television stations on Monday, March 28, 2011. My family loves this event because of the way the story is very interesting to enjoy with family and friends of our friends.

In this age when love is not eternal and where kisses mean everything, La lifestyles romance storm, painful and passionate with Sabaraín Alejo, a man forbidden to her from every aspect, because he is a descendant of the family of Spain, on the contrary, from the color others are also part of the Crown, in short, a relationship which is seen as a sin. But the attraction is so strong that the couple try to enjoy your love, no matter what the obstacle, be it death.

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happy watching.


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